123 Multi-Highlight PRO ®

PROFESSIONAL text analysis for all browsers
First class multi highlighter extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and all major browsers, specifically designed for Professional use.

Professional Grade Features

When the standard browser CTRL+F falls short, unlock the unparalleled power and flexibility of 123 Multi-Highlight PRO, featuring premium tools that redefine your search experience!
Highlight Multiple Words
Simply separate words by spaces in the search query, and all of them will be highlighted with different colors within the web page.
Out-of-the-box formulas to quickly highlight common patterns on the page like credit cards IP addresses, emails, URLs and passport numbers.
Magic Search
Use an Asterisk in your queries to represent any words and search for specific sentences or patterns.
Text Analytics
At every search execution, you can monitor how many times the highlighted words appear in the page.

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Discover all the professional functionalities of 123 Multi-Highlight PRO in our dedicated Quick Guide, and use the full potential of this extension.

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